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Predicting Food Trends for 2013


Food trends for the year can be tricky to pinpoint, even for restaurateurs and professional caterers. Unlike in fashion where “one day you’re in and the next day you’re out,” food themes tend to progress more slowly over time.

After reading an extensive array of articles predicting the food trends of 2013, we created a compilation to share what’s buzzing in the industry when it comes to what clients are expecting this season.

Authentic Ethnic 

Innovative recipes and twists are taking these once exotic foods and familiarizing them with Americans. Kebabs, empanadas, tacos and knödels no longer have to be seen as foreign eats and can easily be incorporated together to create a mix of dishes that are globally inspired. Blending ethnic spices and flavors into traditional dishes is also something that has piqued many chefs’ curiosities. The 2014 FIFA World Cup has seemed to spark an interest in Brazilian cuisine as well, from churrascarias or Portuguese-style barbeque, to their national dish of stew and beans known as feijoada.


A new craze surpassing the basic pickling of foods, fermentation has been rising to the top of the charts. From kimchi to sauerkraut, this process has been touted as a healthy alternative to foods that may be harder to digest in their raw state. Fermentation allows for the addition of good bacteria and microorganisms to break down and transform these foods, which can then improve our bodies’ digestive and immune functions.


Although it’s nowhere near the popularity of coffee in the US, teas like Earl Grey, black currant and green tea are gaining momentum. Many new varieties are being seen this year and some have even started being used in everyday recipes! (These Earl Grey shortbread cookies from the Food Network come to mind.)

Super Grains

Super grains are an ever-growing trend that has sprouted from the efforts of making your daily grain consumption at least 50% whole grain. Some of these ancient grains have now substituted rice and wheat and are easily processed and highly nutritious. Keep an eye out for these cereal grains including spelt, khorasan, millet, freekeh and teff, which are all high in fiber, proteins, iron and vitamins.


Make sure to check up on all the food trends of 2013 to stay updated with what’s “in”. At Crave Catering, we like being in the know and are always looking for new recipes, combinations and food trends to please everyone’s palate. Give us a call to brainstorm for your next shower, party or event.

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