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Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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Birchbox gift collection

At the end of the day, there the very few who don’t procrastinate going gift shopping during the holidays. It can be a very busy time, and it is understandable when we’re on the clock to get some last minute purchases in for our loved ones. As time runs out, here are some ideas that might get you past the holiday finish line with happy faces waiting on the receiving end.

A trip to the spa: For those people who are busy bees but could really use a day to relax. Stop by a local spa and pick up a gift card!

Charity gift card: Instead of giving someone a physical gift, it can be a great idea to donate to a cause in their name. Don’t know what charity moves them? Not to worry, you can send it electronically, and they can choose from a list of participating organizations.

Beauty product subscription box: For the woman or man in your life who still hasn’t found the beauty products that work best for them, give a monthly delivery of different products to try. (Birchbox or Goodebox are good choices.)

From everyone on the Crave Catering Team, we wish you the best and happiest of holidays!