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Munchie Monday: Grilled Polenta Cakes

| General, Munchie Mondays

Another Munchie Monday is upon us and we’ve got a warm and cozy appetizer for everyone this month. We’re finally beginning to see some of that cold fall weather and have seen Austinites pull out their scarves, hats and gloves to prepare for our first cold front!

This monday we are featuring our hearty polenta cakes, made from a creamy polenta right from our saucepans here at Crave Catering. We decided to top this italian comfort food delicacy with some medditeranean vegetables. Sauteed zuchinni slices, eggplant and mushrooms were piled ontop and drizzled with a peppery Romesco sauce. For those who aren’t sure what that sauce is, we’ll tell you a bit about it!

Romesco is a Catalonian style sauce made primarily from nuts and red bell peppers. It is typically made from any mixture containing roasted or raw almonds, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil and bell peppers. We love our yummy grilled polenta cakes!

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