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Thirsty Thursdays: The Gold Rush

Another specialty cocktail coming right up from the minds at Crave Catering! This is called the Gold Rush because the end result is a wonderful gold color and the taste of the bourbon might give you a bit of a rush! Try it at home and make sure to let us know what you think!

The Gold Rush

Makes 2 Drinks

3 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons boiling water
1/2 cup (4 ounces) bourbon
1 1/2 lemons, juiced, about 4 tablespoons (2 ounces)

Pour honey into a small jar or mixing bowl. Pour in the boiling water and whisk vigorously until they form a thin syrup. Whisk in the Bourbon and lemon juice. Mixture can be refrigerated until ready to serve.

To serve, shake vigorously with ice in a cocktail shaker. Strain over a big ice cube in a rocks glass. Enjoy!

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