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Wedding Etiquette FAQ’s

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Bride and groom
Photo credit: Sophie Epton Photography

There are so many looming questions on what to and NOT to do when it comes to weddings. Whether you are a guest, groomsman, bridesmaid or the bride and groom the process can get a bit convoluted. Check out some of these frequently asked questions that might give you some clarity.

1.      If Someone Asks Me to Be in Their Wedding, Do I Have to Ask Them to Be in Mine?

–        There is no obligation to reciprocate an offer to be in someone’s wedding. If there are some feelings of guilt they can always fill a different role in the wedding, like a reader or similar position.


2.      Can I Tell My Bridesmaids What Kind of Shower I Want?

–        If there is a particular shower you are expecting, it would be advised to talk with your bridesmaids about the overall planning for the shower. It is definitely okay to request certain things, but avoid demanding anything especially if it means increasing the cost of the shower altogether.

3. How Much Should I Tip My Wedding Vendors?

–        Depending on the service and relationship, a small gift or cash gift can be given. Vendors whom you have a contract with don’t normally expect a tip. Tips for musicians and servers are appreciated.